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Liver Function Test
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Liver Function Test



Why Get Tested?
A liver panel may be used to screen for liver damage, especially if someone has a condition or is taking a drug that may affect the liver.
A liver panel or one or more of its component tests may be used to help diagnose liver disease if a person has symptoms that indicate possible liver dysfunction. If a person has a known condition or liver disease, testing may be performed at intervals to monitor liver status and to evaluate the effectiveness of any treatments

When is it ordered?
A liver panel, or one or more of its components, may be ordered when someone is at risk for liver dysfunction. Some examples include:
•    People who take medications that may potentially damage the liver
•    Those who are alcoholics or heavy drinkers
•    Those who have a history of known or possible exposure to hepatitis viruses
•    Individuals whose families have a history of liver disease
•    People who are overweight, especially if they have diabetes and/or high blood pressure

A liver panel may be ordered when a person has signs and symptoms of liver disease; Some of these include:
•    Weakness, fatigue
•    Loss of appetite
•    Nausea, vomiting
•    Abdominal swelling and/or pain
•    Jaundice
•    Dark urine, light-colored stool
•    Itching (pruritus)

Sample Required?
A Blood Sample is obtained by inserting a needle into a vein in your arm .
Test Preparation Needed?
Fasting for 9-12 hours before having your blood is drawn is required.


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